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Pioneer Theatre Student Programs

Pioneer Theatre
300 South 1400 East, SPMT Room 325
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0660

Our Program

Pioneer Theatre Company supports children, young adults, and college students in experiencing the wonder, stimulation and creativity of watching a compelling story unfold in front of them, whether it's by Steinbeck, Dickens, or the irreverent Neil Simon. Good theatre opens the mind and enriches the soul. Several programs are available for students and student groups:

Student Matinees
The Wednesday afternoon Student Matinee Program includes a special showing for private and public school groups, serving grades 6 through 12.

Student Discounts (K-12)
Discount pricing is available for students or student groups on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

College Students
Students at the University of Utah, and students at other colleges and universities in Utah may receive special student discounts.

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